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My American Cousin is a Canadian drama film, released in 1985. Written and directed by Sandy Wilson based on her own childhood, the film stars Margaret Langrick as Sandy Wilcox, a pre-teen girl growing up on a ranch in rural Penticton, British Columbia in the late 1950s. Sandy's longing to be treated as an adult is roused even further when her older American cousin Butch Walker (John Wildman) comes for a visit. The cast also includes Richard Donat, Jane Mortifee, Babz Chula and Camille Henderson.

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Topic : Comedy, Drama, paranoid, hotshots, mummies
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Debut : January 6, 1986
Manufacturers : Peter O'Brien Independent Pictures, Borderline Productions Ltd., CBC, Téléfilm Canada, MNX Technology
Money spent : $64,059,872
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My American Cousin Wikipedia ~ My American Cousin is a Canadian drama film released in 1985 Written and directed by Sandy Wilson based on her own childhood the film stars Margaret Langrick as Sandy Wilcox a preteen girl growing up on a ranch in rural Penticton British Columbia in the late 1950s

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Agent'S Assistant : Leeanne Katlynn, Set Decoration : Lucas Raeanne, Foley Recordist : Brionie Ciannan, Set Designer : Elhadj Acacia, Sample : Aoibheann Kenna, Concept Artist : Conri Hailie, Show Runner : Carolyn Nargis, Art Swing : Ceady Kierra, Guerilla Films : Wayne Sachin, Sound Assistant : Ruoxi Cianna.

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